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Anti-Bullying Program



What Would It Be Like For Your Kids To Live In A World Without Bullying?

It is important to remember that children who bully are still children. They are acting in such a way for a reason, and they too, need help and guidance from adults. Bullies may not have healthy social behaviours, empathy, or coping skills. This has the potential to lead to a lifetime of relationship problems, general parenting problems, and even problems with the law.


Did you know that:

  • 75% of people say they have been affected by bullying.

  • Children who are bullied suffer from headaches, depression and anxiety.

  • Children who bully, or have been bullied are at risk of suicide.

  • Children who bully are likely to become involved in criminal activity.

  • 60% of males who bully in school have a criminal record by the age of 24.

  • Fighting back makes bullying worse. When children use aggression to deal with a bullying problem they experience prolonged and more severe bullying as a result.

  • Peers are present in 90% of bullying incidents.

  • Audiences give those who bully attention and social status.

  • Bystanders learn the negative use of power in relationships.

  • When peers intervene, most incidents stop within 10 seconds.

  • Half of the Canadian students report that bullying is a problem at their school.




The solution is to help children develop healthy relationships. Help them learn to be clear and respectful and assertive, rather than aggressive.

San Pedro

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Duration Of Program

Between 4-8 Weeks

(1 session per week)

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Clearwater County, AB

SPIRIT OF THE HORSE - Life Skills Programs & Workshops - Rocky Mountain House

"For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you."

Neil deGrasse Tyson

anti bullying for youth rocky mountain house

What Causes A Child To Become

A Bully?

There is no one single profile of a child bully, however; some of the issues surrounding a child bully can be described as:

1. Like Parent, Like Child

Children model what they see. If a child is bullied by his/her parent or is being abused or treated disrespectfully at home, that child is likely to imitate this behaviour at school. They are learning from their parent that this type of behaviour is acceptable.

2. The Powerless Child

Sometimes, the child that bullies is the child who feels completely powerless at home. Perhaps this child is abused, or watches one of his/her parents abuse another parent and he/she is left feeling scared and powerless at home. This child may attempt to gain back power by bullying others at school.

3. The Forgotten Child

Children who feel invisible at home act out as bullies at school. If they do not get love and attention at home, they may feel voiceless and unimportant. The feeling of being invisible may turn into anger, resentment and bullying others at school.

4. The Entitled Child

The child who has been given too much power. Children who are given everything they want, raised without limitations and rules to follow, then grow up to feel entitled and powerful. These children may believe they have a right to bully others at school, since they bulldoze their parents at home.

5. Children Who Lack Empathy

Finally, there are those children who come from wonderful, loving homes with actively involved parents who become bullies. These child bullies may simply lack empathy, like to dominate, are possessive and want power. The wonderful thing about this is that empathy is something that can be taught.

Through experiential learning with horses as the teacher, participants are shown how to be compassionate for themselves and each other, as well as build trust in themselves and in others. They also learn to be responsible and accountable, and to establish boundaries for themselves and others.


Give your child the opportunity to learn the life skills necessary to be a leader to themselves and a good example to others!

Help Your Children Learn The Skills To Stop Bullying

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