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Youth Life Skills Program




What Can Your Child Learn?

Let's help our kids to build an armour of skills so they know how to protect themselves and move forward with all that life throws at them and have self-awareness about their own behaviour through the powerful teacher, the horse.

These experiential programs for youth are not only educational but have been designed for youth to acquire strength-based life skills (i.e., developmental assets) such as effective communication, enhanced problem-solving, a better understanding of body language, respecting personal boundaries, among others.

San Pedro

Next Program Date

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Duration Of Program

Between 4-12 Weeks

(1 session per week)

Price Of Program

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Clearwater County, AB

SPIRIT OF THE HORSE - Life Skills Programs & Workshops - Rocky Mountain House

"The greatest gifts you can give a child are the roots of responsibility, the wings of independence, and the spark of a passion."

Author Unknown

youth life skills development programs and empathy programs rocky mountain house

Why Does This Work?

Horses are extremely sensitive and can tell the difference between calm, non-threatening energy versus anxious, or nervous energy. Horses are constantly assessing and observing and can therefore provide instant, consistent, and non-judgmental feedback to the actions of the participants.

The hands-on experience with horses helps participants learn what a horse is saying through its body language, participants experience the consequences of their actions, both negative and positive, and are encouraged to find another approach to reach the objective. Each objective can be related to everyday life.


Hands-on learning is a form of education in which children learn by doing. Instead of simply listening to a teacher or instructor lecture about a given subject, the student engages with the subject matter to solve a problem or create something.

As the only Internationally Recognized Equine Assisted Learning Program we offer a 12 Step BuildingBlock™ program that focuses on one objective at a time, and we build on these skills each week, hence the “building block” curriculum. Each of our programs is uniquely structured to maximize results with a focus on developing individual skills as participants work through each fun and interactive group challenge.

​With every objective, youth are building an armour of skills that they can use throughout their lives!

Participants will learn how to:

  • develop relationships

  • accept responsibility and accountability

  • overcome barriers to find change

  • be encouraged to be creative and innovative

  • find opportunity in working together

  • realize the benefits associated with effective communication

  • and recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity...

  • And last, but certainly not least – they will HAVE FUN!

Programs for Youth at Spirit Of The Horse


The value of working with horses as a teaching tool to learn new skills have been proven time and time again in the teaching of young people and especially teenagers. The use of an equine-assisted learning program is a unique way to teach young people who are fortunate to participate in the Spirit Of The Horse Youth Interactive Development Programs. 

Youth who have the chance to work with our youth development programs are able to learn how to modify their behaviour through sets of exercises that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. This type of teaching cannot be delivered in a classroom. It is the experience of being in close contact with horses that has a profound impact.

Youth Development - Skills For LIFE

Our interactive youth programs are specifically designed to ensure the learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in each youth's personal recovery or growth. Our youth curriculum programs range between 4 — 12 sessions. This allows our facilitators to not only ensure the effectiveness of the course but also to track the advancements in each of the youth within it. It is an excellent approach to teaching that gives the youths an experience to pull from when they are faced with choices in everyday life.

"What I witnessed was the transformation of fear and hesitation to an overwhelming sense of trust, love and peace with these young students. It was truly memorable to see how well the facilitators could tap into that very disruptive spirit and walk them through this program with such ease. The students, some of whom are constantly in my office, came in with a real nonchalant attitude, an attitude of why am I here, left with such a sense of peace that you could feel. They were calm on the way back to the school, and discussed with me everything they felt or overcame with their particular horse. It is truly incredible to watch just how much of an impact these horses and coaches had on our students that day."


Prepare Your Children To Take On The Challenges That

Life Throws At Them

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